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Goodbye 2020: Happy Holidays from Jellie

Gentlemen, a short view back to the past… what a year it’s been, guys! Less than twelve months ago, I had just moved to a new apartment in Toronto and was looking forward (using the phrase generously here) to a busy four months filing tax returns. Fast forward to March, our entire building had gotten sent home along with most of Toronto’s office workers as part of the first wave of COVID lockdowns across North America. Honestly, I did not expect our collective lockdown / quarantine / shelter-in-place whatever you call it lifestyle to last this long, because here we are, having just celebrated Christmas in isolation and about to do the same with New Year’s.

COVID notwithstanding, my daily life hasn’t changed much. However, the blog has seen quite a significant shift in direction. In 2019, most of my blog posts consisted of Food Diary entries with few original recipes, which reflected my own shaky confidence in the kitchen at that point. However, this year I started writing more recipes for dishes I felt good about, especially for bread which is my strong suit. I published 19 recipes in 2020, out of a total 31 blog entries (32 including this one). Which, yeah, is still pathetic, but an improvement from last year’s 10. I wrote more posts total last year (52) but I think the drop in frequency is a result of my taking blogging more seriously and putting in time to improve the quality of each post.

Changes to the Blog

New recipes will be 100% vegan-friendly. I’m not vegan—I still cook meat and other animal products for my family—but I myself am only interested in eating vegan food so it makes sense for my blog to be based on the cooking that I’m more suited to. I’m also moving away from the Food Diary posts after realizing no one cares about reading them except my boyfriend, however I will still record entries for interesting events like a travel experience or a special day like today.

The Year in Pictures

Enough looking at the numbers, it’s time for the year in pictures. The twelve images below, one for each month, represent the favourite dish I cooked that month

Here’s to 2021!

goodbye 2020! happy holidays from jellie

This year was rough for many of us, but the new year is looking optimistic and I for one can’t wait to see what it will bring. I know many of you don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I think it’s a little extra motivation that can’t hurt.

My resolution for the blog is to publish more recipes in 2021, and my personal resolution is to start exercising regularly again. Comment to let me know what your resolution is, if you’re making one. Let’s start the new year on the right food foot (that was a typo but I’m leaving it)!

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