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Jellie’s Food Wishlist

This is my food wishlist, or an ingredients bucket list if you will! Some of the items in this wishlist are difficult/impossible to get in Canada (sahlab), others I just haven’t gotten around to trying (breadfruit), and still others are products that intrigue me and for which I am praying for a decent vegan substitute (labneh).

Once I’ve tried something on the list, I will cross it out and add a link to the post describing my thoughts on it!

Spices, Flavourings, and Extracts

  • Asafoetida (hing)
  • Achiote (annatto)
  • Bread flower (vallaris glabra)
  • Bunga telang (butterfly pea flower) extract
  • Filé powder
  • Grains of paradise
  • Kecap manis
  • Kewra
  • Mastic (tears of Chios)
  • Mahlab (mahleb, mahalepi)
  • Pandan
  • Pomegranate molasses
  • Rosewater
  • Vanilla beans
  • Vegemite (somehow, I can buy and have tried Marmite here in Canada, but Vegemite remains elusive)


  • Quorn


  • Borș
  • Boza
  • Horchata
  • Kashmiri chai
  • Kvass
  • Munkoyo (ibwatu)
  • Rejuvelac

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Ackee
  • Akebi
  • Breadfruit
  • Golden beet
  • Gros Michel banana
  • Lingonberry
  • Noni
  • Olallieberry
  • Pawpaw
  • Wheatgrass
  • White star apple (agbalumo, agwaluma)


  • Palm sago (for ambuyat and papeda)
  • Bomba rice
  • Jaggery
  • Kama (talkkuna, tolokno)
  • Mie lethek (cassava noodles)
  • Sahlab
  • Teff
  • Wheat berries

Veganized Products

  • Vegan labneh
  • Gran Cucina cooking cream