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fresh instant pot soy milk
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Homemade Soy Milk (Stovetop or Instant Pot)

A comprehensive guide to making your own homemade soy milk from dried beans, including conversions from US to metric and ratios for scaling up or down.
Prep: 15 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Soak Time:12 hrs
Total: 12 hrs 35 mins
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
Servings: 8 cups (240 g each)
Calories: 91kcal
Cost: $0.12 per cup


For Soaking

  • 1 cup dried soybeans 180g
  • 3 cups cold water 720g

For Blending

  • 2 qt water, divided into 6 cups + 2 cups 1440g + 480g


  • Soak the soybeans in 3 cups of cold water overnight (12–16 hours). If you plan to soak any longer, please leave in the fridge, or the beans will start to develop a sour smell.
  • After soaking, pick out any debris and misshapen beans, then rinse and drain. No need to de-hull the beans.
  • Add the clean, drained soybeans to a blender along with 6 cups of water. (See Note 1 if your blender is too small for this.)
  • Blend on high speed for a minute or until very smooth. (If your blender has a smoothie mode, use that.)
  • Strain the soybean mixture using a nut milk bag (see Note 2 if you don't have one of these) into a large cooking pot or Instant Pot. Rinse out the blender with 2 more cups of water and pour that through the strainer.
  • Save the okara for some other use, then cook the soy milk using one of the two options below.

Stovetop Option

  • Set the pot containing soy milk on medium heat. Stir frequently and keep a careful watch over the pot because soy milk foams over very quickly when heated, just like real milk! Be ready to take it off the heat at any moment.
  • The milk foam will gradually increase while cooking, but just keep stirring to keep it down. At some point, the foam will keep rising and rising despite continuous stirring. This is when you should quickly take it off the heat. The foam will slowly subside... and once it's cool enough to touch you can enjoy it right away or pour it into containers for storage (it will keep up to five days, refrigerated).

Instant Pot Option

  • Set the Instant Pot on the Pressure Cook function ("Manual" on older models) on High Pressure for 10 minutes. Allow pressure to naturally release before opening. You can drink the soy milk right away (after cooling it down, ofc) or store for up to five days in the fridge.