worth the price?

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originally sold for $49 in the US, they can now be purchased for $10.99 in Canada

how much does it cost?

these pineapples are sold without the crown, because the crowns are saved and replanted to grow the next crop

the pink colour is achieved by lowering expression of enzymes that turn the pineapple yellow

the pink pineapple is a bioengineered (GMO) fruit

they were created by Del Monte scientists, and took 16 years before they were ready to be sold to the public

what's the history of the pink pineapple?

super ripe and sweet

most importantly... HOW'S THE TASTE?

also, doesn't make your mouth feel numb after eating

this is because it contains less bromelain (an enzyme found in regular pineapples)

with the current price of $10.99 which is much lower than its original cost, it's worth trying for the novelty.

worth it?

i would reserve it for special occasions when i want an attention-grabbing centerpiece.

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