"soondubu jjigae"

make the stock: bring water, dried kelp, and dried shiitake mushrooms to a bare simmer

this broth is known as "yuksu" in Korean

meanwhile, sauté some vegan "pork belly" in oil until browned 

once vegan pork belly is browned, toss in your onions (or scallions) and garlic, sauté until fragrant

add kimchi and gochugaru, saute for a few more minutes until nice and fragrant, then turn off the heat

remove the kelp (mushrooms stay in), and add the sautéed mixture

throw in some optional veggies if you'd like: Korean radish (or daikon radish) and enoki mushroom 🍄

after simmering for 20 minutes, add silken tofu, gently breaking it up into smaller pieces

"soondubu" means soft tofu in Korean

top with some freshly chopped scallions and enjoy HOT!

soondubu jjigae should be served while still bubbling

i hope you enjoyed this warm, comforting, delicious Korean tofu stew. to learn more, swipe up for the detailed recipe.

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