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The goal of Earth to Veg is to introduce delicious global recipes to vegan home cooks. These days, eating plant-based is easier than ever, so there’s no reason to miss out on an international food experience just because of a vegan diet. Not only do many cultures have longstanding vegetarian traditions, I believe that with enough creativity and experimentation, any omni meal can be enjoyed in a vegan form!

Whether you are a lifelong vegan or have just started introducing Meatless Mondays into your routine, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next meal here at ETV.


Young Asian woman holds a Dutch oven full of vegan macaroni and cheese.

I barely stepped foot in a kitchen until I moved out for college. Baking, then cooking, quickly took over my life, and I devoured every cookbook and food science textbook I could find.

I love that cooking is a little bit of art and a little bit of science. (As a biotechnology major who wasn’t cut out for life in the lab, I love that I can still devise my own little experiments each day from the comfort of my kitchen!)

And adding some cultural knowledge about a dish makes each mealtime experience even richer and more fulfilling. There’s something new to discover about this world with every recipe. Whether I’m cooking with an ingredient that was only invented in 2020, or recreating a recipe from the world’s oldest Arab cookbook, or cooking a 16th century Dutch meal in my vintage Dutch oven, I am learning and challenging myself with each recipe.

When I’m not doing taxes at my day job, I’m either travelling, exploring new restaurants, trying to learn Spanish, or watching Formula 1 with my boyfriend. (I am and always will be an #EO31 fan!)

The Recipes

Each recipe is thoroughly researched and tested before it gets shared on this blog. (Most are taste-tested by local volunteers in whichever city I’m living in at the moment—from Calgary to Waterloo to Toronto!) I try to be as authentic as possible with regards to ingredients and cooking techniques, but substitutions are always provided if you’re having trouble finding an ingredient or are short on time.

What I’ve learned on this cooking journey is: don’t be intimidated by the idea of cooking a cuisine you’ve never tried before. It’s probably way easier than you think. The vast majority of recipes on this site don’t require any special equipment, and most ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.

My daughters-in-law say “Mother, your cooking is consistently great-tasting.” This consistency is due to the habit of accurately measuring the ingredients and the spices every time. That is my secret to preparing delicious food that is neither salty today nor bland tomorrow.

Chang Sun-Young, A Korean Mother’s Cooking Notes

When cooking dishes I’m familiar with at home, I often go by feel. However, on this blog, you will find precise measurements (in both grams and US cups) for every ingredient where possible. I even have an oven thermometer and a laser thermometer to give specific temperatures if needed. This ensures more consistent results, whether it’s your first or fiftieth time making a recipe.

My Cooking Values

  • Generous portions: I have a big appetite, so one serving for me means a decent, filling amount of food. No “1 cup of rice for 4 people” bullshit. My main course meals are designed for the average adult eating three hearty meals a day.
  • Environmentally conscious: Sustainability was one of my reasons for adopting a plant-based diet, which is why I love creating low-waste recipes. Use every part of the veggie. From okara sausages to watermelon rind preserves, I’m all about getting the most out of each ingredient, in both traditional and creative ways.
  • Budget friendly: Most of the meals posted here are under CAD$2 per serving. When I started cooking regularly in college, I began to track all of my food-related expenses, a habit which continues to this day. All of the cost information on this site comes from my own shopping experience in Canada.
  • Try new things: This is the driving force behind my blog. I am always seeking out new recipe ideas and learning experiences. In fact, I’ve been known to annoy my boyfriend by dragging him to try foods outside our comfort zone, which sometimes end in failure followed by him asking why we couldn’t have just picked something we already know and love! But, you know, that’s all part of the foodie experience. 😇

More About Kelly & Earth to Veg

Are your recipes suitable for beginner cooks?

I feature a mix of recipes with techniques ranging from entry-level to advanced. Most of my one-pot recipes such as Pesto Pasta, and my Instant Pot recipes like Wild Rice Pilaf or Turkish Lentil Soup, are beginner-friendly. If you can hold a knife and boil water, you can make these recipes. Actually, I really like the Instant Pot as an introductory tool to get new cooks into the kitchen. That’s how I fell in love with cooking—it all started in my college apartment with nothing but an Instant Pot and a single non-stick pan. 😆

Do you write all your own recipes?

Yes, not only the recipes but every post on this site is written either by me or my partner Kevin. But I definitely use recipes I’ve tried in cookbooks or restaurants for inspiration; you’ll see those credited in the “Notes” section of recipes whenever that is the case.

Do you take your own photos?

Around 70% of the photos on this website are shot by me and Kevin is responsible for the other 30%. Off the top of my head, I think there is only a single image on here that was not created by either one of us. You’ll have to dig around to figure out what it is!

Can I send in suggestions for new recipes I want to see on the blog?

Absolutely. Please message me your idea on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, or reply to one of my Newsletter emails.


I’m open to collaborations and sponsored work. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information.

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