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Vegan Spring Recipes

With all the fruits and vegetables that come into season during spring, you probably want some Vegan Spring Recipes to take full advantage of them. These plant-based meals highlight the bright and fresh flavors of local produce, and are so enjoyable as the weather gets warmer. Whether it’s a main course or a side dish, I’m excited to bring the flavors of spring into your kitchen with my recipes.

In Greece, a traditional recipe to bridge the transition from winter to spring is Vegan Avgolemono, a creamy, comforting dill soup made with rice or orzo. Or head over to Turkish cuisine and try Kısır, a bulgur salad bursting with juicy tomatoes, fresh herbs, and spices. Or check out this simple Canadian recipe for Lemony Sautéed Fiddleheads, which have a notoriously short season between April to May of each year.